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The Kite Runner – A Short Review



I had to read this book for my A level English Literature and I can say that I give it ★★/★★★★★. The last 50 pages of the book were the best, action filled. Otherwise, it is a very slow read. It gives insight into the life of Afghanistan people, the Taliban rule etc.

If you like fiction, go for it.



July TBR

I can finally say I am done with exams. I will try my best on posting regularly, so stay tuned. 

Here is what I plan to read this month (+some books for school that I won’t list on here)


Well, I am going to study this book next year, so I better read it before I watch the new TV series.


Started this in June because I’ve heard I need to read it before Lady Midnight, so here I am. I hope I can get to finish it this month.


You already know how much I love fashion.


Last but not least, this beauty.

What are you planning on reading this month?