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My favourite chick flick

Well we all know how much I love shopping. I am definitely a Blair Waldorf with Rebecca Bloomwood’s clumsiness and debts.

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watch it, you will laugh, cry and identify



Dunkirk Movie Review


I am writing this review after I have watched it, but I am going to post it after 5 days so I won’t spoil anything.

So, I went to the world premiere and of course I decided then I am going to watch it in IMAX.

First time going to ODEON in my city and I have a funny story to share with you. The guy from the entrance said ‘screen 7 is just around the corner’, but what he hadn’t said is which corner. All dark on that corridor, I had to turn on my phone’s torch. Then I found myself in front of the screen. After slightly stumbling on the stairs, I sat down. But the soldiers on the screen were a bit ermmm not homo sapiens. Unless I was supposed to see hairy gorillas. The men from the trailer looked more tailored? It turns out I was in the wrong place. One and seven look so similar that I got into screen 1 instead of 7 at the Planet of the Apes? Silly me. Anyway, screen 7. I was so pleased to see such a variety of ages with me. A few teens, but mostly adults and Christopher Nolan veterans.

I MAX because this film is phenomenal. As a History student, seeing the actors giving their best on set as a rememberance of Dunkirk, it made me very proud.

With big names like Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh, this film’s been promising since the beginning.

Not to mention Christopher Nolan who’s scarred me with the Inception ending. (I haven’t watched the Dark Knight Trilogy yet, sorry).

I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. I was drowning, fighting, crying with pride when the civilians saved the soldiers desperate to get home. I expected it to be good, but not THAT AMAZING. It took me 30 minutes to realise that I need to pay attention closely to the different point of views. I was seeing the present from 5 point of views : the civilians, Tommy (+Alex a bit later), one pilot, the other pilot and the commander. Eventually, they would all come together, only to leave some endings open to the viewer’s interpretation. Did Commander Bolton die? What happened to Alex?

Flawlessly executed, everything shows authenticity and I guess the gravity of the situation helped immensely when trying to get into their roles. I am pretty sure you will see more of Fionn Whitehead, a very talented young actor. I will not call him ‘the main character’ as Dunkirk does not have a main character. It’s about everyone.

Harry Styles proved that he’s learnt a lot from years of smiling in awkward interviews. (hey, I am a fan okay) Alex is a different pole, yet he’s done an admirable job. Every time Tom Glynn-Carney would appear on the screen, my heart would leap. He is a skilled actor and a charming man (praised his wool tie at the premiere aww). His character shows some development as well.

‘I’ll be useful, Sir.’ Barry Keoghan saved the world with his sweet tea in the role of George. You did amazing, sweetheart. You deserved better. But that’s how war is, unfair.

And last but not least because it’s traumatised me the worst, Gibson. Is Aneurin Barnard a Gerry? Is Aneurin a Frog? We will (never) know. I’ve seen that plot twist coming (my friend didn’t aww) and I’ve still enjoyed it.

Eventually, I am glad that someone brought Dunkirk back. In the end, those soldiers were not cowards. This film deserves all the positive reviews and the ones who said ‘there was no asphalt at that time in Dunkirk’, have you seen the spitfire scenes? The vessels? The extras?

Hands down, hats off, I am bowing in front of Christopher Nolan’s genius.

Honourable mention: HANS ZIMMER SOUNDTRACK

I think films should change us as much as books do. Dunkirk made me feel like a new person when I came out of the cinema. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it in IMAX.


Death Note rant

If you get easily butthurt, I want you to leave now.

Now, after watching the new Death Note (Netflix of course) trailer, I am going to tell you some wrong things about it.

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  1. Without sounding racist, this is a typical Americanised story. Shallow, filled with some appealing (to a superficial audience) explosions. This Netflix adaptation is a typical action movie you just pick when you are bored and want to relax your brain (after not using it at all)
  2. Can you see Nat Wolff as Light? Because for me, Nat Wolff is synonym with ‘not a suitable actor for such a complex role’. It’s not his fault, of course. And he probably has evolved since (the trash) Paper Towns turned out to be (I am sorry -or not- if you are a big John Green fan, but what did you expect?) Image result for death note netflix
  3. Twins. This guy is probably a good actor but I am sad that they are using him to just say ‘HEY WE ARE NOT WHITEWASHING THIS, HERE YOU CAN HAVE L’. L’s vibe with those bags under his eyes is probably what kept me going.
  4. I don’t know if that female from the trailer is supposed to be Misa, but okay. Why does he look like this is going to be a sappy romance when Death Note is anything but romance. Light is either asexual/gay/ or suffers from narcissism.
  5. People matching the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder use black and white thinking, called splitting, as a central defense mechanism; they separate mental concepts into good versus evil, say, as an attempt to stabilize the sense of self in order to preserve self-esteem. Throughout the series Light certainly does show clear indications of perceiving himself as purely upright or admirable and others who do not conform to his will or values as purely wicked or contemptible.

  6. Death Note is not your typical action-love story Hollywood wants you to believe. It’s a political satire and plays on ideas of ‘Justice’. It is much complex than : boy gets power and decides to be a God.

I am annoyed that so many people are going to view this as as very simplistic story when, in fact, it is not.

So, what do you think? Please do argue if you think I’m wrong. I respect everyone’s opinion and I am not saying that the actors are not talented or anything. I am going to watch this anyway because I love Death Note. (and rants)

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Woah woah woah so I told myself I am going to read a lot in this half term but I ended up watching a Korean drama….I regret nothing.


Meet my new obsession.

I haven’t watched a really really really good drama in awhile and everyone on my facebook feed was talking about this one. Finished airing?Yes. 16 episodes?Yes (I have a love-hate relationship with short dramas. They’re good for my available time, but they usually have an amazing story which could be continued, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo being one.

Ugh I wanted to write this review straight after I’ve finished the drama- lazy. No excuses. I will try to keep my promises about posting on this blog.

Coming back, I recommend this drama .

The chemistry between the main characters is something I’ve never seen before, I swear. I want them together in real life too.

Without spoiling this for you, the drama touches some VERY REAL subjects like anxiety, depression, first love.

You learn that it’s alright to just give up sometimes. It’s okay to run away when you feel you’re burning out and your passion becomes a burden.

It’s alright to hate something you used to love.

It’s alright to feel lost after you finish university or realise in the middle of it that something is not quite right.

It’s alright to love someone who doesn’t love you because that’s how you learn.

It’s alright to love someone else even if you’re hurt. You should let other people heal your wounds.

It’s alright to lie your friends sometimes. You don’t have to tellthem everything.

It’s alright to learn walking daily as if it were for the first time.

It’s alright to not be alright.


It’s not alright to give up entirely. As Kim Bok Joo did, seek yourself whenever you want to, but don’t give up easily.

This Korean drama is more than just a TV show you watch, learn, obsess, then forget about it. It is like a journey that never ends. I just love it.

It made me really happy.


It’s so funny. The mains are dorks. I swear I laughed at least 10 times while watching an episode.


Both are so easily to identify with. I screamed ‘SO ME’ like thousands of times.


My top 5 TV series

I am a full time book lover, but sometimes (almost every time) I flirt with TV series. Here is my top 5 TV series. Some of them are really popular, some are not.

1. Da Vinci’s demons


Da Vinci’s Demons is a historical fantasy drama series that presents a fictional account of Leonardo da Vinci’s early life. This is my favourite show ever. I have never loved a TV show as much as I love this one. It made me fall in love with Renaissance and art. The actors, the plot, everything was on point. I am truly disappointed that STARZ cancelled it.


There are not enough stars to offer to this show.

2. Gossip Girl


I first started to watch it when I was 6 years old?or something like that. I grew up with this show and I loved it. When I restarted to watch it, I did it for Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively. Glad I did it. xoxo Gossip girl

3. The Secret Circle


This is the first show I’ve ever watched. Is anyone remembering it? It was/is/will always be one of my favourites. It has magic, darkness,romance….everything.

4. Grey’s Anatomy


Hahahahahahaha bring the tissues lovelies because this is one of my favourite shows ever. I cannot watch it straight…one season, pause, another season, pause. I need this pattern in order to survive it. It’s drama…..tears….. life lessons…I adore it. Everyone talks about it and it’s super popular. It really deserves it.

5. The 100


I started to watch this because of a YT video with Octavia and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. (this is how I actually start a TV show, watching cool MVs on YT) The 100 haha this name makes me wanna laugh when I think about what happens in the show. The first season really had potential and I still believe in it. Original story… a combination between Lost, Tarzan I don’t know what to say. I adore it. ♥


What TV show do you love?



Review: Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer

Watch the teaser trailer here

TALE AS OLD AS TIME……Made into a modern movie.

I totally adore Emma Watson, my Hermione, but I confess that I didn’t want to watch the teaser trailer. I tried to avoid the moment as Beauty and the Beast will always be my favourite Disney movie and I didn’t wanna be disappointed but… HOLY BELLE MOTHER OF BOOKS. (and Hermione too)


I was so sceptical about this, but when I saw the castle with all those chandeliers, I melt. Every childhood memory came like a hurricane, making me feel like I’m flying. The rose, Emma looking like a beautiful book lover princess, transformed my awful day. That song brought me back, I swear. I can feel the tears slowly reappearing.

Someone please prepare some tissues for when the official trailer appears.