How to escape your reading slump. 5 effective tips

Do you ever feel like reading, and you might as well drown in your TBR but you just…… can’t?


Bad news? Yup, you are very ill.

Good news? I have the cure.

I mean, I’ve suffered multiple reading slumps. They are very very annoying.


Tip #1

Make a list of what you want to read. 

Sometimes it helps seeing your goals on a piece of paper or a sticky note right in front of you.

Tip #2 (this is very risky, because it can aggravate your illness)

Trust your favourite book. Reread.

It can sometimes raise the bar too high and push you deeper into a reading slump.

But rereading a favourite and playing it safe, it can help. Best case scenario, you’ll be finishing tons of books in no time. Worst case scenario, you will read that book for the rest of your life,nothing else.

Tip #3

If you don’t like playing it safe, try something new. 


Short stories (Ha, creepypasta because sleep is for the weak), novellas, poetry. Read something easy and short.

Tip #4

Go to the library

Seriously, don’t say you got no money for buying books. Go to that library and pick one book.

Or just look around at people reading, maybe they will inspire you.


Tip #5

Just read

Read when you eat, read when you have some free time. A page, a chapter, five. Just keep reading. Eventually, you will remember how it feels to finish one book in one day.


In the end, you read because you love books. Never NEVER feel like you are forced to read.



My top 5 TV series

I am a full time book lover, but sometimes (almost every time) I flirt with TV series. Here is my top 5 TV series. Some of them are really popular, some are not.

1. Da Vinci’s demons


Da Vinci’s Demons is a historical fantasy drama series that presents a fictional account of Leonardo da Vinci’s early life. This is my favourite show ever. I have never loved a TV show as much as I love this one. It made me fall in love with Renaissance and art. The actors, the plot, everything was on point. I am truly disappointed that STARZ cancelled it.


There are not enough stars to offer to this show.

2. Gossip Girl


I first started to watch it when I was 6 years old?or something like that. I grew up with this show and I loved it. When I restarted to watch it, I did it for Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively. Glad I did it. xoxo Gossip girl

3. The Secret Circle


This is the first show I’ve ever watched. Is anyone remembering it? It was/is/will always be one of my favourites. It has magic, darkness,romance….everything.

4. Grey’s Anatomy


Hahahahahahaha bring the tissues lovelies because this is one of my favourite shows ever. I cannot watch it straight…one season, pause, another season, pause. I need this pattern in order to survive it. It’s drama…..tears….. life lessons…I adore it. Everyone talks about it and it’s super popular. It really deserves it.

5. The 100


I started to watch this because of a YT video with Octavia and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. (this is how I actually start a TV show, watching cool MVs on YT) The 100 haha this name makes me wanna laugh when I think about what happens in the show. The first season really had potential and I still believe in it. Original story… a combination between Lost, Tarzan I don’t know what to say. I adore it. ♥


What TV show do you love?



5 Book Lover Diseases

Every book lover has his diseases. Here is a top 10 of them.

  1. Bookmark the mark

    We, book lovers tend to use even our lives to bookmark our precious babies. Every time we forget our bookmarks, pencils, fruits, forks, plates come to rescue us. Unfortunately, there is no medication for this. You could carry a bookmark always, if you mind it, use everything you can as a bookmark, but don’t rely on your memory. YOU WON’T REMEMBER THE PAGE!3b4a38cd9849a4cee9ec597cc47f933a

  2. Running for our words

    Have you ever run as fast as you can? But not to catch the bus or the latest clothes brands. Ran for a book, because the bookshop called you and told you that it arrived. We, book lovers, are not unfit when it comes to our precious lovelies. There is no need to treat something like this. We need to run from time to time.  4206370-4638061066-post-.gif

  3. I hate that I love you… but I will always love you

    We are mad mad mad. Every single one of us loved a villain and regreted it…or not. That’s our guilty pleasure. I recommend lots of books with hot smart nasty villains.bitekiss.gif

  4. Smell the heavenly world

    What’s our favourite drug? The smell of books. No medication required. Smell lots of books, let the heavenly smell embrace you. Buy a book smell perfume.

  5. Book school

    Fantasy/Fiction books are useful too. We sometimes learn things from them and forget about reality. Check google to see if the information is reality or fiction.giphy-facebook_s.gifWhat’s your disease?

Totally should’ve read it earlier

In this post I will write about book series that I totally should’ve read it earlier. But hold on, I am going to read them this summer. (lots of reviews soon)


  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I heard lots of things about this book series and everyone recommends it, so after I finish Queen of Shadows and A court of Mist and Fury, this is my food.

2. Harry Potter series

I have watched the movies 7 times and I loved them, but I couldn’t find myself to start the books. Before, I had a fear of +400 pages books, but now I am loving them so…. I am really excited to start these ones.

3. Hush Hush series

Patch and Nora were my OTP for so long. These books marked me, making me believe in fate.

4. Strange Angels

I remember when I read the first 3 books that I really liked them, so I am considering to start it again.

5. Bloodlines

I am really REALLY excited to start this series as Vampire Academy made me adore reading  and Adrian still is one of my favourite characters.(2012 yay)

6. Morganville Vampires

Okay, I read 8 books because those were translated in Romanian, but I plan to re-start reading them soon.

7. Lux series

I caught spoilers from everywhere, but I will finish it for the sake of one of my friends.

 There are more series, but these I remembered. How about you? Do you have any series you wish to finish ?