Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Woah woah woah so I told myself I am going to read a lot in this half term but I ended up watching a Korean drama….I regret nothing.


Meet my new obsession.

I haven’t watched a really really really good drama in awhile and everyone on my facebook feed was talking about this one. Finished airing?Yes. 16 episodes?Yes (I have a love-hate relationship with short dramas. They’re good for my available time, but they usually have an amazing story which could be continued, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo being one.

Ugh I wanted to write this review straight after I’ve finished the drama- lazy. No excuses. I will try to keep my promises about posting on this blog.

Coming back, I recommend this drama .

The chemistry between the main characters is something I’ve never seen before, I swear. I want them together in real life too.

Without spoiling this for you, the drama touches some VERY REAL subjects like anxiety, depression, first love.

You learn that it’s alright to just give up sometimes. It’s okay to run away when you feel you’re burning out and your passion becomes a burden.

It’s alright to hate something you used to love.

It’s alright to feel lost after you finish university or realise in the middle of it that something is not quite right.

It’s alright to love someone who doesn’t love you because that’s how you learn.

It’s alright to love someone else even if you’re hurt. You should let other people heal your wounds.

It’s alright to lie your friends sometimes. You don’t have to tellthem everything.

It’s alright to learn walking daily as if it were for the first time.

It’s alright to not be alright.


It’s not alright to give up entirely. As Kim Bok Joo did, seek yourself whenever you want to, but don’t give up easily.

This Korean drama is more than just a TV show you watch, learn, obsess, then forget about it. It is like a journey that never ends. I just love it.

It made me really happy.


It’s so funny. The mains are dorks. I swear I laughed at least 10 times while watching an episode.


Both are so easily to identify with. I screamed ‘SO ME’ like thousands of times.



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