My Daughter of Smoke and Bone playlist

After I finished reading a book, every song fits it. I recently read Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and I loved it. Some songs that make me think of this book.

  1. Stealth-Judgement Day

We’ve got war, angels, lots of action. This song reminds me of Akiva perfectly.

2.Jacob Banks- Worthy

Again, an Akiva song.

3.Jacob Banks- Monster

Well, let’s remember of Karou. This song fits her perfectly.

4.Thousand Foot Krutch-Push


5.Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t

This song just reminds me of Karou and Zuzana at some point.

6.Kaleo “Save Yourself”

This song just fits. Brimstone, Brimstone, Brimstone .

7.Mumford & Sons – Ghosts That We Knew

This song is truly beautiful. Does it really suit this book? I think so..

8.Mumford & Sons – Hold On To What You Believe

oh wow

9.Ivan Torrent- Dandelion

This is one of my favourite songs ever and I think it suits well everything.

10.Damien Rice – Prague

Come on, this book made me fall in love with Prague as if I haven’t hundreds of cities to visit already.

Do you have a mental playlist for the books you read?


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