5 Book Lover Diseases

Every book lover has his diseases. Here is a top 10 of them.

  1. Bookmark the mark

    We, book lovers tend to use even our lives to bookmark our precious babies. Every time we forget our bookmarks, pencils, fruits, forks, plates come to rescue us. Unfortunately, there is no medication for this. You could carry a bookmark always, if you mind it, use everything you can as a bookmark, but don’t rely on your memory. YOU WON’T REMEMBER THE PAGE!3b4a38cd9849a4cee9ec597cc47f933a

  2. Running for our words

    Have you ever run as fast as you can? But not to catch the bus or the latest clothes brands. Ran for a book, because the bookshop called you and told you that it arrived. We, book lovers, are not unfit when it comes to our precious lovelies. There is no need to treat something like this. We need to run from time to time.  4206370-4638061066-post-.gif

  3. I hate that I love you… but I will always love you

    We are mad mad mad. Every single one of us loved a villain and regreted it…or not. That’s our guilty pleasure. I recommend lots of books with hot smart nasty villains.bitekiss.gif

  4. Smell the heavenly world

    What’s our favourite drug? The smell of books. No medication required. Smell lots of books, let the heavenly smell embrace you. Buy a book smell perfume.

  5. Book school

    Fantasy/Fiction books are useful too. We sometimes learn things from them and forget about reality. Check google to see if the information is reality or fiction.giphy-facebook_s.gifWhat’s your disease?


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