While writing: music or not?


Lately, I started lots of projects for my books, contests etc. etc. and it became a habit to listen to music while writing.

When I am writing, I really love to listen to a song that fits the scene I am writing about. If I wanna make a horror scene, a horror mix. Traveling scene, traveling mix. It helps me a lot with fitting  faster into character’s skin. Before, I couldn’t concentrate with music on the background, but it looks I have evolved? (neah, kidding)

When you really feel the urge to write, what do you do? Does music help you?



2 thoughts on “While writing: music or not?”

  1. Yeah, actually it is a necessity for me! I have to be able to tune out the world. I even have to have the lights down low and a hoodie on to block out my peripheral vision! I can’t have anything with lyrics as that distracts me too much. I tend to listen to soundtracks. Or there are a ton of youtube playlists for whatever mood i’m in. Need dramatic music? bam. Need something suspenseful? bam.

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