Totally should’ve read it earlier

In this post I will write about book series that I totally should’ve read it earlier. But hold on, I am going to read them this summer. (lots of reviews soon)


  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I heard lots of things about this book series and everyone recommends it, so after I finish Queen of Shadows and A court of Mist and Fury, this is my food.

2. Harry Potter series

I have watched the movies 7 times and I loved them, but I couldn’t find myself to start the books. Before, I had a fear of +400 pages books, but now I am loving them so…. I am really excited to start these ones.

3. Hush Hush series

Patch and Nora were my OTP for so long. These books marked me, making me believe in fate.

4. Strange Angels

I remember when I read the first 3 books that I really liked them, so I am considering to start it again.

5. Bloodlines

I am really REALLY excited to start this series as Vampire Academy made me adore reading  and Adrian still is one of my favourite characters.(2012 yay)

6. Morganville Vampires

Okay, I read 8 books because those were translated in Romanian, but I plan to re-start reading them soon.

7. Lux series

I caught spoilers from everywhere, but I will finish it for the sake of one of my friends.

 There are more series, but these I remembered. How about you? Do you have any series you wish to finish ?


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